Primelase HR Laser Hair Removal

New to Westend Beauty Clinic, we are now offering medical grade, Primelase Diode Laser treatments. Primelase is the worlds most powerful diode hair removal laser with twice the power of other brands to guarantee best results.




 Primelase is a medical grade diode laser. Along with its patented cooling system, Primelase offers permanent removal of unwanted hair in a super-fast pain free treatment. Unlike older technology lasers and IPL, Primelase delivers maximum energy to destroy the hair not just damage it.



 Even thought Primelase is the highest quality and power to deliver best results due to its speed of treatment we offer very competitive prices. With other lasers you may need over 12 sessions, Primelase achieves maximum results in just 6 for most people saving you time and money. Our current offers:

Laser Facts

  • Primelase has 4800 Watts of power, most other high end lasers offer 2400 Watts of power. This ensures our clients acheive maximum results in a minimum number of sessions
  • Primelase can deliver 3 pulses of laser per second which allows us to have full leg completed in 10 minutes, with other competitors taking 45 minutes to one hour.
  • Primelase has a patented cooling system to keep the skin cool and comfortable throughout the treatment whilst delivering high energy to the hair follicle, the most pain-free hair removal on the market.

ItemPriceCourse of 6
Primelase ConsultationFREE
Primelase Abdomen€50€270
Primelase Back€60€324
Primelase Bikini€50€270
Primelase Brazilian€70€378
Primelase Hollywood€80€432
Primelase Hollywood & Underarm€100€540
Primelase Chest & Abdomen€140€756
Primelase Lip, Chin, or Side of Face€30€162
Primelase Lip & Neck or Chin€50€270
Primelase Full Lower Face€80€432
Primelase Eyebrows (Between)€30€162
Primelase Nipple Area€30€162
Primelase Underarm€55€297
Primelase Half Arm€55€297
Primelase Full Arm€80€432
Primelase Shoulders€60€324
Primelase Back, Shoulders & back of neck€160€864
Primelase Lower Back€60€324
Primelase Chest€100€540
Primelase Full Leg€140€756
Primelase Lower Leg€80€432
Primelase Half Leg, Bikini & Underarm€120€648
Primelase Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm€150€810
Primelase Thighs€90€486
Primelase 3/4 Leg€100€540